So Many Smokes: Tips For Choosing The Right ProductSo Many Smokes: Tips For Choosing The Right Product

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So Many Smokes: Tips For Choosing The Right Product

As a long-time smoker, I've tried many different products and types of tobacco. Each one has its own unique characteristics. After becoming somewhat of a connoisseur, I decided to start sharing what I've learned about each of the ones that I've tried, and those I've researched but haven't yet sampled. No matter what you're looking for in a tobacco product or vape solution, there's sure to be information on this site that will help you make the right selection. I hope that my experience and research can help you to find just the right blend or product for your goals.



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Two Main Types Of Pipes To Purchase For Your Smoke Shop

When it comes to supplying your smoke shop with pipes, you want to make sure that you are buying the pipes that people want to purchase. The two primary types of pipes that people like to use are hand pipes and water pipes.  

Type #1: Hand Pipes 

You want to carry pipes in your shop that cater to all different types of smokers. Hand pipes are a great pipe choice for a beginning smoker. They are designed to fit inside of your hand and are great for individuals who are just starting to smoke, or who only smoke occasionally.  

Hand pipes are traditionally made of glass, although you can now find hand pies that are made out of metal and plastic as well.  

Glass hand pipes can be fragile, so you need to be careful not to drop the pipe. That is why having a case to put your pipe into is so important.  

When it comes to choosing a pipe, look carefully at the airflow that the pipe provides. The holes in the pipe need to be big enough to promote airflow. When you look at pipes that you want to carry in your shop, you also want to carry pipes that contain thick glass, that will not easily break. Thicker glass is sturdier, and when you are stocking your store with items for sale, you want to sell sturdy items that are not going to easily get damaged.  

Type #2: Water Pipes 

The second type of glass pipe that you are going to want to sell are water pipes. Water pipes are for individuals who are more advanced smokers, or who smoke on a more regular basis. Water pipes are more commonly referred to as bongs. 

Individuals who smoke frequently are more willing to invest in high-quality water pipes. With water pipes, there is a large variety of pipes that you can carry. You can carry really small water pipes or really large water pipes, at a large variety of price points as well. Beyond that, each piece of glass can have a custom look, based on the artist who created the piece of artwork.  

When you choose water pipes, you want to carry a variety of different-sized water pipes, at a range of different price points, and in different styles. This is where you can really make a lot of money by selling high-priced pipes.  

When it comes to supplying your store with glass pipes, you are going to want to carry hand pipes that really appeal to new smokers, as well as water pipes that appeal to more experienced smokers. You want to make sure your shop appeals to a wide range of different smokers.